My head hurts…\ \ I should be going to sleep right now, but i’m having such a hard time letting go… this has a been a crazy week of late nights programming, long days at work, and crappy weather… but it has been a good week. i’ve learned a lot, spiritually and vocationally… i worked 12 hours today and accomplished a lot, even had lunch with a good friend and mentor. My coworker, Josh, and I have been getting along extremely well, which is exciting in and of itself. He had a pretty killer week but stayed on top of things and didn’t lose it (which is good, cuz i’ve been worrying about him)… So all in and all I’m pretty excited to be going into tomorrow, friday, the last day of the week. I’ll be out of state from tomorrow morning until Saturday evening (weird, i’ll be 24 then).\ \ Another year gone past, the best year in a lot of years if you think about it… new beginnings, painful endings, learning, appreciating, worshipping, crying, calling, moving, working, wondering, loving, living, dieing.\