Wow, what a couple of weeks(moths) it has been…\ \ My intro to rails began a few months ago when a good friend and webdev guy told me he was using it heavily and suggested i check it out… I have never had any real programming experience and while the rails intro video was cool I just couldn’t really get into it (scared i think). SO, i stayed away for a little while, then came back and jumped on the band wagon by adopting Typo , a nice little blogging app with a lot of functionality, all built on rails… this saved me from having to learn how to program for a few more months and started to wet my appetite to learn more.\ \ Then, about 4 weeks ago someone(who shall remain nameless) looked me up and asked me to build a webapp… I could have shoved the project off on Joshaven, but he is already crazy busy, so i decided to commit. No more hiding in the shadows, no more chickening out because I don’t know how to program, no more excuses… SO, I warned the client that I had no idea what i was doing and asked if he was still willing to pay me, and he was :-) so now I’m knee deep in this stuff and its only getting deeper…\ \ After throwing together a pretty much non-functional demo, and convincing myself that i could do this, I decided I needed to read a book on programming in ruby before i could really get comfortable in rails. So i ran on down to why’s poignant guide to ruby and finished it in a weekend. Since then life has been a lot easier, at least as far as programming goes.\ \ So I jumped back into the project, started from scratch, and built a highly functional, even pretty, demo in 20 hours (two days)… The client liked it and my friends and family even checked it out. That was Tuesday of last week.\ \ Today is Sunday, although by the time I post this it will be Monday. I spent 3 days trying to get RMagick installed on my computer, finally succeeding late last night. Since then I’ve revamped version 1 of the webapp to run faster, use better naming schemes, and have cleaner code all around (thanx for the input xian , i took your advice on combining controllers).\ \ And that is my learning rails experience. Five slow months of avoiding the inevitable and then four crazy rubyonrails filled weeks.\