I’ve been meaning to redo my site for quite some time now… blosxom was great, but with time come changes. So I’ve switched to using Typo for my blogging engine… It was built using RubyOnRails , a new web development framework that is pretty nifty…

What does this mean for you? Not much really, a new look and feel… My old site is still there with all the old content, just use the links on the right to access it… I considered importing all my old posts to the new system, but decided I don’t have enough time.

What does this mean for me? Again, not much. Its going to be easier to post now, and I can enhance my site using quite a bit more as I have time… Any new feature I want I can implement, whether someone else has done it or not… Hopefully this will get me excited about blogging again, so you my poor reader(s) do not get bored :-)

Don’t forget to change your newsreaders to point at the new xml feed