Well, I’ve got mixed feelings about flock right now. Despite the negatives I’m about list, you should definitely try it out if you can…


  1. It just seems snappier on my 867mhz powerbook than firefox. I wonder if they’ve optimized it at all? Firefox’s speed has been the one thing that kept me from switching all my web browsing from Safari to Firefox, so maybe Flock will do the trick?
  2. It looks cool, clean low profile interface, no big ugly extras
  3. It has great features, blog posting, del.icio.us favs, flickr bar, and it is based on firefox, so who nows what extensions and themes will come out…


  1. limited blog support, won’t work with my typo blog UPDATE I got it working, just had to click “Cancel” after it fails to auto detect your blog, and then it lets you setup stuff manually… I’m posting this update via Flock
  2. creating a new favorite with tags does not tag it in del.icio.us (this has to be a bug that they haven’t fixed yet)
  3. there was way to much hype surrounding flock, thankfully i ignored most of it, so i’m not disappointed too much, but it still doesn’t quite live up to what i thought it would be… thank goodness this is only a dev release i’m using :-)

I think this is going to be a great browser, and there is a pretty good chance I will use it as my primary (hopefully only) web browser once it is a little more mature… actually, i’ll use it as my primary now, at least for a few days, and see if i can find any other nuggets hidden in there… nuf said