Ok, I’ve been following the development of Hamachi, a.k.a. way to darn easy VPN for a couple months now… Well I finally started using it today and I’ve got to say… WOW, that was way to easy…

But thats the way we like it around here, things so easy that you don’t have to even think about them, they just work…

Wondering what the heck I’m talking about yet? Here’s the deal:

  • Fact1 – VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.
  • Fact2 – What VPN really means is, I can connect 2 or more computers together, no matter how far the are apart, and they’ll think that they are sitting right next to eachother and talk their little computer langauge to their hearts content.
    • For example: I have a computer in Michigan and my friend has a computer in California and we want to share files with eachother, share eachothers printer, share music, etc… But how can we do this securely without anyone evesdropping and stealing our stuff? With a VPN of course…
    • Does it make sense yet?
  • Fact3 – VPN’s have not been the easiest thing to configure for a number of years, and therefore were not used, or were used and cost a lot of money…
  • Fact4 – Today that has changed…

If you go to Hamachi’s Website you can download Hamachi for Windows or Linux and install it and use it inside of 2 minutes. If you use an Apple Computer running OSX then you’ll want to head over to this forum and check it out, or just continue reading as I’m going to give my own little How-To…

  1. First, go to This Website and download the tuntap that is appropriate for your version of OSX.
  2. Second, once that file is downloaded open a Terminal session and browse to ~/Desktop (or wherever you just downloaded that file to).
  3. Tyoe
    • tar zxvf tuntap*.tar.gz
  4. Now go to Finder and double click the “tuntap_installer.pkg” icon and follow the directions
  5. Go to This Website and download the latest version of Hamachi for OSX.
  6. Open the Terminal again and browser to wherever you downloaded the hamachi file to.
  7. Type
    • tar zxvf hamachi-
  8. Now in your terminal type
    • sudo tuncfg
  9. In Finder find the hamachi file you just expanded, look in the new folder that was created
  10. Open the README and follow the directions from there and you’ll be up and running in no time :-)