So Natalie started job hunting monday. She got her resume fixed up and started dropping it off at places and filling out applications, etc… By the end of Tuesday she had applied for 20 different jobs. Wednesday she hung out with me all day and didn’t do much of anything about job hunting. This morning Seiffert’s Drug in downtown Elkhart called and asked her to come in for an interview at 2pm. The interview went well and at 5pm they called and offered her the job, which she took!

Wow, she starts tomorrow. It just amazes me how great God is. She was only out of work for the two weeks of vacation we each took for getting married and our honeymoon. In fact, this friday (tomorrow) was her last paycheck from krogers because of vacation pay. So in essence she will have had a steady income for the last 4+ years, without missing a single paycheck, and all that having moved states and switched employers.

…nuf said