I’ve been using laptops for almost 7 years now, which means I haven’t really had the need for a desk in the last 7 years (I travel a lot for my job). I’ve been building my gaming rig over the last 2 months (since I’ve only started gaming again in the last few months) and its been living on an old dining room table in one of our bedrooms upstairs. While functional its kinda wobbly and just doesn’t have the look and feel I want.

So today I started building a desk from scratch (well, from wood actually). Its gonna be a nice corner desk with one side dedicated to my gaming rig and the other side my laptop and work related stuff (i.e. printer etc)…

I’ll post photos of my current setup and then my new desk as building progresses. All I’ve started today is the tower cabinet that will hold the gaming rig, basic construction is done and trim has been cut but not attached.

You can see the whole set of pictures on my flickr

…nuf said