Last year I got married. Natalie and I had bought a house in Elkhart Indiana, and we moved there the same week we married and have been making a home here since then. My memory is so bad I can’t remember what we did last fall, winter, or spring, but I do remember most of this summer :-)

Natalie started a new job this summer and is loving it. Late spring I picked up a bad habit, gaming, and it has stuck with me thru the summer. More notable is our vacation in June, where my brother in-law and sister in-law came up to stay with us, and we rocked Elkhart AND Chicago :-)

But the most important thing that happened this summer in our lives, wasn’t even something that happened directly to us. My parents finally got all their support (to become missionaries), spent a couple months getting ready, and flew to Argentina to start new lives as church planters (these events did not necessarily happen in that order). This has affected us though, now neither Natalie nor I have parents close by. The closest immediate relative is my sister, an hour away.

As summer closes up we reflect. It was a good summer, full of life changes, some surprises, many blessings, and a few hard times.