I’ll probably get in trouble for this, but I decided to release it anyways… I’ve been working on some software for running my company and needed a nice gui, implemented in html/css/js. I decided, since I prefer using osx over any other interface, I wanted my web app to look like osx too.

So I started from scratch and made up this gui using minimal html markup, simple css (I use the blueprint css library as a foundation), the jquery javascript library (including jquery ui elements), and the famfamfam silk icon set.

This is not TOTALLY osx themed, as I couldn’t find an tabs anywhere in osx that worked for web apps (at least not easily implemented ones), so I used the jquery tabs instead and just made them match as close as possible to the rest of the theme.


This will not work in IE (i’m pretty sure, but haven’t tested), but it does work in modern versions of webkit based browsers (Safari and Chrome) and Firefox.

Here is the link to my github repo