Ok, so last weekend I totally botched the brisket. It was slightly edible, more like a steak than anything I guess, but a really really tough steak. So, rather than give up I’m getting right back on that horse till I can ride thru to the end.

But, being like my father, I’m not going to settle for mediocre tools. My smoker only came with a simple thermometer in it that says, Warm – Ideal – Hot, with no temperatures in degrees on it. I could have just gone and bought an $8 oven thermometer and attached it, but I thought I’d get something a bit cooler and take my time installing it :-)

Its easiest to tell this story with pictures, so here goes. This first pic is the Brinkman el-cheapo smoker pre-mods.
Brinkman el-cheapo

Next up is are the tools and parts I used (minus the bandsaw).
Tools and

Here is the chunk-o-wood I cut with the bandsaw.

Next I clamped on my chunk of wood and drilled holes for my bolts, then I bolted it on, and finally drilled a couple holes for the thermometer probe.

I inserted the Maverick wireless thermometer probe and put on the grate.
You've been

Here is a pic from another angle without the grate on.

And last but not least here it is with everything installed and the transmitter and receiver running.
We have

You can see the entire flickr feed here

Hopefully tomorrow night I’ll be able to blog a good report about my next brisket. This one is 4 pounds and purchased from a local butcher rather than from the grocery store. Here’s to hoping!