Wow, I must have more friends this year than ever! Several friends called to wish me a happy birthday, I got 10 happy bday text messages, and about 20 emails!

So anyways, thank you everyone, it was a great birthday. I actually took the day off, the first time since before college I remember not working or taking exams on my bday (except for that one time our prof brought us into class for the exam, and then told us all we got an A and to have a nice day).

This morning I went Christmas shopping for my wife and my sister. Then this afternoon/evening I smoked a chicken out in the garage. Tina (my lil’sis) showed up a bit after four and she chilled in the garage with me for a couple hours. At 7pm Nat got home from work and we skyped with mom and dad and had a mini-birthday/Christmas party. Since this was our only chance for all of us to get together (virtually) we opened gifts and just had a wonderful time. After that we had an amazing dinner together and watched a movie. To top it off we had Tiramisu that Natalie made… mmm, good

In the past I haven’t always looked forward to my birthday. From now on, i think I will.

…nuf said