When I first got started in computers professionally (while still in highschool) I never dreamed I would be a partner in a company that did business internationally. Before I tell that story let me give you some background.

I am a partner in a small IT consultancy based out of southern Michigan. My first partner (Brad) and I bought SabreTech Consulting LLC from an old friend of mine in the summer of 2005. We’ve been selling and servicing computers for businesses and individuals since then, doing our best to make sure the customer comes first. In 2007 Sam joined us (and became a partner in 2008) and we continued to expand into northern Indiana and Ohio. Business has been great, we’ve even purchased a new (and bigger) building in Michigan and moved our retail location.

But this week things really got interesting. One of my clients in Hillsdale asked me if I could help his friend in France. I said sure, so he gave me her email address and I setup a meeting. Tuesday her and I skyped, and then started a remote connection so I could fix her computer. How cool is that! SabreTech Remote Connection from Elkhart Indiana to Versailles France :-)

Later I was bragging about my remote to Sam, and he was kind enough to inform me that one of our clients that buys custom embedded systems from us was sending our equipment all over the world, Canada, Peru, Ireland, and Egypt!

God has blessed me with an amazing wife, family, business partners, and now an international business.

Except for putting my back out, its been a great week :-)