Last night on my way home I started feeling really achy. When I got home around 8pm I was cold, so I put on a sweatshirt and pajama pants. By the time Nat got home at 9pm I was freezing, literally shivering, but I wasn’t running a fever. I tried to eat some dinner but it made me nauseous. Finally I gave up and went to bed. Still freezing so I took a long hot shower, then went back to bed again at about 10:30pm. Thats when the freezing turned into waves of heat. Finally I got to sleep and slept fairly well, waking up every hour or so to sip on some water. This morning I’ve got a splitting headache and feel dehydrated.

Last time I remember having these symptoms was when I went cold turkey from my nerve pain meds, Lyrica. This time though I wasn’t coming off any prescription drugs. What causes these symptoms? The flu? Food poisoning?