Almost two years ago I broke my wrist. That August I had surgery to repair the fracture and during the surgery my median nerve was severely damaged. I lost feeling in most of my right hand, went thru excruciating pain for several months, and had to learn how to work around my disability.

After the pain finally left, after I’d weened myself off the drugs (Vicodin & powerful nerve meds), I was left with a right hand that worked for most things, but I was unable to use it normally for typing. With no feeling in my thumb, index, middle, and half the ring finger, I had to teach myself to type with the half of my ring finger that could sense touch and my pinky.

Slowly over the next two years I gained back feeling in all of my ring finger, most of my thumb, and my brain learned how to work around not having a normal sense of touch with my index and middle fingers. But I still couldn’t type. It just felt too weird. Meanwhile I left my job fixing and selling computers and started a new job as a programmer.

The first 4 months at the new job I continued to type in my handicapped fashion. Then last week I decided it was time to start training those old fingers again. Within a week I’m back to almost the same typing speed I had before all this drama began.

I gotta say, its really great to be typing with ten digits again!