Recognizing someone’s hard hard work and thanking them for it is always worth it.

I’m in Dallas right now on business and one of the nice things about the place I’m staying at is they always give you a tray of three chocolates on your bed when you first arrive.

Well, I ate my three chocolates within 48 hours of arriving and this morning all I could think about was having another one. So selfishly I began to compose a message on the notepad next to my bed asking for more.

While writing the little note to the person who cleans the room I began to think how awesome it was that they actually took the time to do it, making my bed, replacing the towels, emptying the trash, and who knows what else.

So I ended up writing a note to them thanking them for their hard work and politely asking if it was possible for me to get another chocolate. I even made a little papier-mache flower out of one of the used chocolate wrappers.

When I got back to my room later in the day the tray was on the bed with five, YES FIVE, chocolates!

Moral of the story? Think about what others do for you, even if it is their job, and thank them for it. They will appreciate it and you’ll get chocolate (ok, so maybe not all the time).