If you use the older Mephisto blogging app for your website and need something to replace it that _just works_, check out “Harmony”:http://get.harmonyapp.com.

Harmony is a website management system that I get to hack on for my day job at Ordered List. Recently some sites I had built at my previous job using Mephisto, a Rails blogging app, went down after Site5 moved them to a new server and broke Mephisto’s dependencies.

The only reason I’m writing this post is because I moved one of those sites over to Harmony in three hours flat last night, improving the site structure along the way and making it super easy for the client to change it in any way they want.

I’m totally plugging my employer and our product here, but I’m serious when I say Harmony rocks. Setting up the websites structure, splitting out the content into easily manageable sections, adding image upload fields where needed (for bio’s for example), customizing field types for services versus products, the list goes on.

So, if your site is on Mephisto and its either dead or dying, or you want to start using something that just works for building websites, give Harmony a spin!