Building a career as a programmer requires a lot of hard work, determination, and in my opinion a lot of writing.

How do you build a personal brand online? How do you get opportunities to work on awesome projects? How do you get invited to speak at conferences? Looking at my coworkers success I would deduce that you have to work hard on stuff you care about and then share the knowledge you have gained with your peers, writing on a blog for example.

Writing has always been a struggle for me, I was always a math geek, but I cannot use that as an excuse if I want to continually advance my career. If we are working online, building websites, doing design, programming web applications, or working on infrastructure, we need to be writing about our experiences.

We run into new problems every day. More often than not the solution is a Google search away. But when it isn’t and we find a solution on our own, we should be writing it down and sharing it with the world.

Whether its writing readme’s for an open source library, blogging about how you solved a problem, or sharing some insight about how to become a better person, I think we should all be writing more and sharing it with the world.

Lets become better communicators thru practice, making the world a better place while at the same time advancing our careers.