Today the whole crew from Ordered List joins GitHub!

Ordered List

Last year was a big year for myself and Ordered List. Steve and John launched Harmony in August, I started hanging out with them on a regular basis and began work on Speaker Deck, and the end of the year saw Brandon Keepers and I leaving our own businesses to make OL four strong.

This year was even bigger, launching Gauges and Speaker Deck, adding Matt Graham to the team, and beginning the journey of learning how to work as a cohesive unit. While we learned each others strengths and weaknesses I began my own journey of becoming a full-time programmer that could not only contribute to the growth of our company, but also lead in certain circumstances.

We all dreamed of taking over the world, and we knew we could do it together. We also know it takes time to build something great and that as time goes on new opportunities present themselves. Every once in awhile those opportunities get you even more excited than the dream you are currently living. One year (minus a day) after I joined Ordered List our entire team has accepted the opportunity to join GitHub.


This company and the team behind it has been near and dear to our hearts for years. I had the chance to meet and hang out with a few GitHubbers over the last year and have really come to appreciate them as programmers, professionals, writers, and people. When they started talking about their culture at conferences I marveled even more, excited about how they were changing the rules, hiring tons of awesome people, and just kicking-butt.

When the opportunity to join GitHub materialized it sparked an epic discussion about the possibilities. It made sense in so many ways, but whenever you entertain the chance to change course you can’t help but wonder how far you can get on your current trajectory. There were a lot of factors to consider and in the end Steve and John decided that our personal and collective futures with GitHub seemed greater.

Over the past few weeks the details were hammered out and during that time we’ve each had a chance to reset our dreams for the future, while trying to keep the whole thing a secret.

The Future

Right now I have no idea what the future holds, except that it is going to be great. I am most excited about the journey, learning new things, powering thru the hard times, accelerating during the good times, and building something that we can all be proud of.

Thanks again to everyone involved in making this a reality. Watch out world.