Today I hacked together an easy to use gem for accessing the Gauges API.

When I started this morning 12-gauge was the first thing I thought, so I called the gem Twelve (silly I know).

I had fun figuring out the API (with a little help from Brandon) and then writing the gem using some of the proxy object and method missing stuff I was learning a few weeks ago.


gem install twelve


Get the client ready:

access_token = "abcd1234"
bfg =

Request your Gauges info:

For me I got this back:

{"name"=>"Jonathan Hoyt", "urls"=>{"self"=>"", "gauges"=>"", "clients"=>""}, "id"=>"...", "last_name"=>"Hoyt", "first_name"=>"Jonathan", "email"=>""}

Next try these:


More Documentation and Examples

Its a full-fledged client, so you can create, update, and delete gauges as well as see all the different types of information available on a gauge. See the docs on GitHub!