Ever since Hubot was released I’ve been regular expressing myself. Here is a tool I built to make testing regular expressions in javascript easier.

Rubular was my go to for testing regex in the past, but its targeted at Ruby so I went in search of a nice editor for javascript regular expressions. Unfortunately my search yielded no results. Fortunately I had the tools and experience to build one!

Scriptular is the fruits of my labor. I modeled Scriptular after Rubular with one major difference. It doesn’t have a backend service, everything runs in the browser.

I am really excited about Scriptular, I think it will be useful for developers everywhere. With its current implementation you can test how a regex reacts in any browser by loading Scriptular in that browser and testing the regex. In the future I would also like to have a backend service for testing server side javascript implementations like V8.

So go kick the tires, give it a spin around the block, and let me know what you think. If you would like to help on the project please check it out on GitHub.

Update: Thanks to @bkeepers for contributing the design.