I’m really excited to let you know that we’ve added full-screen support to presentations on Speaker Deck. This feature has been percolating for awhile, going thru several iterations before we found a solution that we really liked.

We are using the new full-screen API’s available in Webkit based browsers and Firefox. There were a few obstacles we had to overcome, mostly just learning how the API’s actually worked, specifically how to make an element inside an iFrame go fullscreen (make sure to add the allow flags to your iframe tag).

In the process we learned a ton of great stuff that will let us do some pretty cool things in the future. The way we designed full-screen will let us use higher resolution slides in the future as well (you know, in case we decide to start encoding them at the resolution of that new device Apple just released).

Here’s a presentation I did awhile back, check it out in full-screen!